With so many different electronic, keyless remotes to power our locks and ignition systems, having a convenient source for replacing them is essential. Today's vehicles rarely come without a remote key fob. Complex bits of technology, these fobs not only signal your vehicle to open and close, they set off your alarm and scramble your code. Without a functional fob, you are restricted to using a key, scarcely convenient when your hands are full of groceries. However, before you purchase a new key fob, when yours stops working, consider a key fob repair or have your keyless entry replaced.

Church and Sons Auto Repair offers replacement key fobs and batteries for many vehicles, as well as blank conventional and laser keys. Depending on the complexity of programming involved to get your keyless device working again, we are able to program both "on-board" and advanced programming fobs.

Some of the specific types of key fobs we are able to replace are:

  • Transponder Key Fobs - sends and receives electronic signal to the engine. Church and Sons Auto Repair has the special equipment required for programming.
  • Proximity or Smart Key Fobs - able to start your car or truck by having the device in your pocket with the touch of a button
  • Laser (or Internally Cut) Key Fobs - slightly thicker than a regular key and instead of notches like a conventional key, have a winding slit running up the center of each side, and able to be inserted either way
  • Conventional or Regular Key Fobs - traditional keys with notches

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